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Entry #1

The Epik Series

2008-07-27 00:54:26 by Blood-Flow

Ok those of you who've checked out the new track(ft MC-Q) have noticed that me and him are doing our own little "project" if you will. we are making a tape called "The Epik Series" not nothing facny about the title but the beats are hott as crap. its gonna be me on the drums and of course Protege(MC-Q) on the melodies. most likely this n***a as gonna use all samples because of the fact that he hates synths haha. but stay up and keep yah ears open.

The original and The Sequel.
Blood-Flow and MC-Q

The Epik Series


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2008-07-27 04:53:30

I'm loving wrong room number! :D

Blood-Flow responds:

I appreciate the love
Just know there is more to kome in the Epik Series on be on the look out for that